Greta, Hope at Equinox

All aboard!

I’m amazed at the power of the climate marches, the world power of this force for good. How wonderful to feel hopeful, idealistic, in the face of all the circumstances of these times.

Skrying through my laptop I followed Friday’s events, elated, engaged. I felt myself expanded to see so many people in so many places coming out onto the streets to walk, protest, demonstrate and just plain show up! Wow! Climate action worldwide, and the focus media is now giving it, helps me hope for a saner future.

When events seem outside our control, just standing with others (virtually or in person) can help bring change. At the very least we are not alone in wanting a better world, a future for humankind. Greta has proved that. The human effort, our experiment in life on earth, is being put to the test. We may be shrugged off the earth as an invasive species, the way I’m cleaning away the fleas that disturbed the equilibrium in our home.

Great minds are speaking out, and have done for decades. The problem is to find the way to tip the balance and apply these thoughts. Surely so many people peacefully gathering is enough to make a new calibration.

Shamcher Beorse had said he was screaming himself hoarse trying to get people in power to listen to him. Throughout the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s he championed OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion), a form of benign solar power from the sea. He was more than fully aware of the oil, coal and nuclear interests blocking the development of solar implementation, from way back. OTEC proved itself in the 1920’s, so why did we end up with coal and oil? Ask Daddy Warbucks.

Shamcher’s experience in WWII showed how non-hierarchical working teams get urgent actions done most efficiently. His working awareness as an economist showed him that a full employment program can solve many of our social problems. Putting these threads together, it makes sense for all governments to coordinate a vast program of paid flexible working teams to tackle the urgent need for change away from fossil fuels. And to repair and restore areas that have been devastated by flood, hurricane, fires. There is so much work to do.

A shift on such a scale as we need is beyond the scope of only one individual or group. It’s a test of how we can put differences aside to work together to face this greater cause, for this is very real, and we must act while we can. Action plans are coming forward now, on all fronts. We need them all. And as to the opposition, we use it to refine ourselves and our work in relation to them. The great battle happens inside and outside us. It requires all of us to do what is at hand, and to use our hearts and minds to amplify this historical moment.

I’m calling out all the yoga gals drinking pure smoothes made of organic papaya flown in daily. Time to learn to wrap bandages. In WWII everyone did something for the cause - rendering fat, flying planes, building ships, rations, lights out, the works. If we meet the coming changes, not holding on to past ideas and ways, then something new can be created, and something venerable can be preserved.

Of course I’m scared, but I can’t look away. I want to think that when I give my attention to these issues, it is like watering a dry garden. But attention is only a small part of what is needed.

I assume you all agree with me, and so there’s no need for me to spell it out. Agree? But how do we act? In the echo chamber there is no opposition, but just outside our bubble dome, a full battle royale is being waged. It is a transformation on a scale we haven’t seen before.

We’re watching, but do we know what it is we’re looking at? Through our media we see simultaneous world events from climate strike, to hurricane news, to politics. We weary of it, can’t make sense of it, scan instead of reading, because our brains need upgrades. The heart weeps and the mind boggles as politicians and special interests block the very programs that could ensure survival. But I no longer ask what it will take before everyone gets on board, because like it or not we are all on board already. For we are all gathered here at this moment in history. Some wittingly, others as deniers, passengers, or spectators.

When Greta came to New York the whole world responded to her image of hope. And as she has said, “Do something.”

Greta’s words on the UN Building. Artist: Joseph Michael. 9/20/19.

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