March Forward

Finally, March tears off the page for February, crumples it up and tosses it into the bin. This past week has gone by with both small and significant personal events for us all, but I’m not going into detail here. Just to say, “Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.”

With news of the coronavirus, we are facing even greater complexity. I’m reminded that it’s time to call up our strength, and use it, wherever we are, and however it may be needed. And if nothing worse occurs, don’t think it was just the boy who cried wolf. Think that we were able to help avert danger by doing all the things, lifting out of danger.

When the spring muskeg was sucking us down, and my little brother Michael was crying because he couldn’t walk forward, I lifted him right out of his boots where they were stuck and carried him home. Empty rubber boots, left behind, stood in the muck beside the stuck wagon like evidence of the rapture.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

I picked up some burnt pages of a book on the dog walk the other day. A son who drowned, a man with his arm in a sling, reincarnation, ice water. Chance message about death and loss, and a world on fire?

Caring Words

I’ve been moved by some sweet kind goodness on Twitter! Ever since my daughter, Rosie, pointed me toward Anne Louise Avery’s feed, I’ve been enchanted by her artful micro-stories of bears, foxes and other creatures recounting the events of the day. An outpouring of kind and sincere stories have flowed to Anne Louise and her son when he was taken into hospital. Sent spontaneously from all over the world, they are written a little like her style, but not entirely with her voice.

Just seeing all the messages of tenderness and caring that @AnneLouiseAvery has received and retweeted out around the world makes me hopeful. I like to think that these healing messages, harnessing the spirits of the birds, animals, trees, stars, and wind, all around us, are finding their way to flow to all - people I am close to, people I have never met.

I know this can be seen as a naive and simplistic way to look at things, but rather than get bogged down in the innumerable ongoing arguments that block action, I prefer to call up this simpler approach. Something about strength in the heart and trust in the intuition.

Normally, we go forward in our lives and really don’t want to have any problems. When they come at us, we solve them as best we can. But once the root of a problem is discovered, we find action may be required. And if that action seems to be beyond us? That may only be because it hasn’t been in our day-to-day vocabulary until now. There is usually a way to get unstuck - but something may have to be left behind.

Once again we human beings are being challenged to come together not as one, but as many, to apply our intuitions and heart to the grave situations at hand. Somehow, when problems are at our doorsteps we can rise up to face them. We discover ways of finding strength and become courageous enough to use it.

Image from King René’s Book of Love

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