New Quiet

Wishing you Peace, Love, Joy, Hope, Health and Happiness

Despite all the news of the world and Covid intensities, let’s welcome the new season with light and hope. Did you feel the shift with the Solstice and the Great Conjunction? We had a strong iteration of it yesterday, with snow and a power outage. Nature forced an unplug and reset, time to pause and reflect in the new quiet.

Morning snow blankets the garden on Salt Spring Island
The morning snow looked charmingly picturesque as it fell in great wet clusters, bending the bamboo down to the ground with its weight, the air crisp with the scent of fresh snow.
View from indoors toward the snowy trees
All active robot appliances stopped their machinations after the power went out that morning. We watched snow fall quietly and steadily through the day. We used the wood stove for heat, saved our phone power, barely opened the fridge.
Wood shed and bird feeder on a winter morning, snow bends the bamboo to the ground
Through the day, so many birds flew through the snow to cluster at the feeder and take shelter under the fence rim. Snow covering the skylights darkened the rooms inside. As we walked down the road to pick up mail, trees were shedding great loads of super-wet snow too heavy for their branches.
Trees at dusk with the water of the bay behind
At dusk, the clouds lifted a bit. Our wood fire and the candles reflected on the window. It remained quiet and dark all evening. Power came back on later that night, and soon the machines were humming and blinking again.

Restart, and we were back from the timeless.

Warm good wishes, and many thanks for reading and sharing my newsletter this year. You might want to check out my compilation of the first year of posts in book form, Personal Papers Annual No. 1.

Bring in the Mummers

And now for some good winter cheer! Here’s The Ultimate Mummers Kitchen Party by Justin Guzzwell! The footage comes from the staple of Newfoundland Christmas - Land and Sea 1/6/1986: A Fortune Bay Christmas. Music by Justin Guzzwell (lyrics derived from The Mummers Song by Simani).