Now the whole context has irrevocably changed - some of the world we were going back to has been removed as swiftly as if a magician had pulled the tablecloth out from under all the dinnerware set for the party. With one swift tug the cloth is in his hands, and the slightly rattled cups and teetering glassware remain, remarkably still standing. Everything looks like it is in place on the table, but starkly. The finesse that the fine linen brought is gone, and we can see how the table hasn’t been patched correctly, how the veneer is peeling, how old and useless this table actually is. Suddenly, the table setting looks a bit ludicrous. Like an imitation French Provincial stereo console: not only ridiculous but irrelevant.

We’ve lost our ground, our premises no longer hold us or our ideas of what it all is, what it all should be. An excellent place to begin. But it requires a new-found or untested personal power, a strength that isn’t dependent upon the circumstances.

Let’s have more smiles, more eye flashing, more animation in the face and body. Movement of the hands and arms, life force coming through, coming out from the whole physical body. You know that feeling - you are present and expressive, there is an outpouring, and it is a palpable relief. Nothing need be held in, retained, restrained. It is an opening, a wall comes down, a cone of silence is lifted. Life passes through.

All systems alerted, all systems activated, the controls are removed, the field is available for new ideas, new energies, new approaches to life. Let’s be present to receive all that has been waiting for us to move out of the way and make space for the energy that is immanent and electrifying the whole. There is a promise of more connection with others, more connection with the immanence of being human and alive, plus a greater connection with the unseen vibrations that keep everything humming along.

I’ll report back to you on all that next week. Meanwhile, I’m sharing with you a few of my current distractions.

Save the Date!

Even writing of the date for today is an intervention in the flow of the day’s moments and presence. Today, it says, in a string of other days, identified, numbered, in place. And other people also identify today with the exact same number and it fits into a progression not only of the seasons, but also in past, present, and future. What happened on this date in the past? What may happen on this date in the future? At the end of this day, all over the world, people sum up what occurred on this date. Some dates become more significant than others and act as memory portals to events that occurred on this same date, years before: birthdays, death days, weddings, anniversaries of events of meaning.

How we relate to the events of our community or people comes along with a study of the skies. To see how we are situated within our universe and by making the progression of the skies we repeat our progress to each marker, annually, and over eons of time. But calendars have lifted the markers out of their seasonal context or universal astronomy, and the “dates” are seen as things in themselves. The dates became as real to us as the phenomena held in each of the days they mark and maintain. In this covid time we lost track of days and dates, and we rediscovered something we’d felt as kids - there are days that exist without dates, without even days of the week in our minds, and we still experience life and the passage of time. It can even be a little sweeter that way.

Now as things re-open, the dates reappear. Only a week or so ago, I looked at my iCal for the first time in months. Fixing my life into position once more felt like a tight corset, like a stiff pair of shoes with slippery leather soles.

Yet it is officially summer! No need to consult the calendar, just look at the leaves, the flowers, the light late in the evenings.

Make your own Bayeux-Tapestry-inspired images at The Historic Tale Construction Kit 

After watching the cloudy sunrise at Stonehenge live online on Saturday night, I was excited to see the discovery of the Durrington Shafts, as part the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project. The release was nicely timed to coincide with all things Solstice. Find out more about these amazing Deep Pits HERE. What are they? Why were they created?

Linking and Thinking

The Isolation Journals are creativity prompts that come to my email box every day. I signed up at the beginning. And I confess that I’ve yet to do one of them. That’s right - I haven’t done one of them, but I have read them. Save for later (LOL) Now why don’t I do them? I have a backlog of creative ideas not expanded upon, and now I’m fascinated by those Neolithic Durrington Shafts. There are 83 prompts so far, one for each day and they are very good. Maybe you’d like to not do them, too? Here’s the link.

Some viewing - videos on Covid-19 and lockdown

Ganaremos 2020 (We Will Win) - Music video with heart from Cuba by Abel Morejón Galá

Numb - a Short Film - stop-motion video by Liv McNeil

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