Track changes

What was I really asking for?

When I asked Google, “How do I remove comments and track changes in a final Word document?” this list of interesting other queries came up related to my question. Moving far away from the simple Word question into psychology and overarching issues, it gave me a whole other reflection of my question.

  • Accept or reject changes one at a time

  • How do you accept things we cannot change?

  • How do you accept and embrace change?

  • Why do we need to accept change?

I’m most surprised that there are so many people asking “Why do we need to accept change?” that it came up at all. It’s a philosophical question, and I think these are all great journal prompts. Of course, it’s all AI now, and perhaps more based on my own searches than I dare to admit.

I did get the answer, I did make the pdf, I did accept the changes.

Smocks and Bonnets

Well as you know, we’ve moved to an island with charm a’plenty, especially now we are in the Merrie month of Maye. We’ve been doing our research to find the best granola available from the many adorable farm stands that dot the roadsides, and every so often we turn at a sign that says “eggs”, down the long driveway to the fridge at the back of a house by an orchard. Chickens are everywhere, and we take eggs from the fridge, leave money in the jar.

And now it is gardening time so you can imagine the planting frenzy. I stop here. There is no deer fence and I need to see what’s coming up naturally first before making sweeping gestures on this rocky spot with little topsoil. How much am I going to take on here? Will I be going full smock and bonnet?

It’s just sweet as can be to touch the earth and feel the breeze and feed the hummingbirds and rake the pine cones and sit by the fire. I love seeing the moon through the treetops, and watching the night sky shift with the seasons. Yes, you can find me in my sun hat, holding the wide rake beside the wheelbarrow, humming a little tune to the trees. It seems to happen naturally, after all. Smocks, I’ve discovered, aren’t just costumes, they have a use! They comfortably keep your clothes clean when you’re mucking about. (And yes, the trees do hum back!)

As Marshall McLuhan said, “Past times are pastimes,” and I wonder if it would be “farm theatre” for me to take on much more. I won’t be going into Marie Antoinette mode to play peasant and frolic in the meadow with the washed and groomed little group of sheep all ready for their close-ups. This isn’t really any kind of selected lifestyle and it isn’t the realm of Cottagecore. It is an adaptation to change and as Google said, “Accept or reject changes one at a time.”

Stars and Satellites and Elon Musk

Here’s a fun time app for clear summer nights, with a sidebar of futuristic “WTF Elon Musk”.

First, check out this smart and lovely combination of Google streetview and the night sky - SEE A SATELLITE TONIGHT. Just add your address and view. Check your location and see what to expect in your part of the world. Go see for yourself.

Here’s what mine looked like the other day:

It’s always fun to see something moving across the night sky. Shooting star? Satellite? Wow, look at that!

At this Satellite Tonight site, I’m a little surprised by the Starlink lines filling the space with rapid deployments in series. That’s the futuristic sidebar I was referring to. Wow, that Starlink line is HUGE and FAST, compared to the slow oldie single satellites with their retro plodding from the days of Sputnik or Telstar. To think that I feel nostalgic for old satellites! This must be the future.

LOL - truly!

Fun with machine learning algorithms. I’ve been really digging ‘AI Humorist’ Janelle Shane’s neural net AI recipes, her lists of craft beer names, kitten names, Disney princesses, and more. I’m exploring Here are a few titles from a long neural net list of AI-named pies - now available on this teatowel - for sale on her site.

It’s been a busy few weeks with taxes and vaxes, Pink moon and May Day. Thanks for staying with me on this newsletter, for reading, and sharing.

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See you next time. I’ll put the kettle on and will have a hot slice of the Caribou Meringue pie (a la mode) ready and waiting for you!