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Hello on a Quiet Sunday


Video from Wednesday

Life on Salt Spring Island involves a lot of physical stuff, not only the dream world of my imagination. Here’s some slow video I recorded in the parking lot mid-week. I’m sitting in the car watching folks come and go, waiting as James picks up some materials. (Listening to Gene Clark.)

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First fire of the season in the wood stove this morning. Wonderfully cozy in this rainy weather.


This is a great message, worth sharing - from Jodorowsky on social media.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. We split the time into weeks, each of seven days. Six days of work one of rest. Workdays correspond to planets. Monday is the Moon, Tuesday is Mars, Wednesday is Mercury, Thursday is Jupiter, Friday is Venus, Saturday is Saturn, Sunday corresponds to the Sun, everything revolves around it, it is the source of life, it is rest.

All in all, six days of activity, plus one day of absolute rest. The sun gives life to all planets.

I invite you to practice the six essential breaks today.

  1. Rest of your name. Your name is just something useful but it's not actually a part of you, it's a label. You might have millions of names. On the day of rest, the name disappears because we are not individuals but humanity as a whole.

  2. Age goes away. Today you have no age. She's just a mutation of the body. The spirit is unchanging and ageless.

  3. Rest from nationality, borders are imaginary. All humans are earthlings.

  4. You don't have a race. The shape of your body or the color of your skin are details of the same, they belong to a human being.

  5. Rest, you don't have one job, you can have all the jobs. Jobs are taxed by education. The human body has no limits. Absolutely all human brains are great. The breaking of brain limits in esoterism is called enlightenment. Even the most "stupid" can be enlightened.

  6. You can rest from your exclusive religion. Just as the Sun is for all planets, there is only one God for all humanity.

Today is Sunday! Rest, you don't need to work or force yourself. You possess the greatest wealth: life. Don't do anything today, just celebrate that you are alive. Rest rest rest rest rest rest.

The Hidden Ground, photo from James K-M


I’ll be sending another issue out very soon, since I’m dedicating November to writing more. My own private nanowrimo, in a way. I’ll be writing early-ish in morning for an hour from Mon-Thurs. If you’d like to join me on Google Meet, just reply to this email and I’ll send you a link.

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See you next time!

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