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"Have you read this far?" Yes, I have now back to continue reading.

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Thank you Carol.

Very mythical and intriguing writing.

Yes so much comes to us so quickly and there is so much to decipher and figure out what is worthwhile to read.

I still read books and especially my poetry books.

And read some articles everyday.

I guess I’m an older fashioned girl. I would prefer to communicate through a personal letter and write it out to the person.

But I guess the times they are a changing.

And we have to adjust our mi da and hearts to sing in the times that we are in.💖

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Love the idea of a page being a pagan youth from the countryside. Where do you come up with this stuff.?

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I like the idea of ‘offering.’ Thanks…

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I love your writing!!!! And the images you send...so special!

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I too am finding my reading habits changing- and prefer small bites for sure. When I think of studying a text book like in the good old days, my mind starts to swirl

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I always enjoy your writing Carol !

Everything engages me: your topic and how you think about things, your words reflecting the inspiring journeys of your creative mind . Thank you 🙏

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Your points about writing that fails to engage are on the money. So much demand for our attention, so little time! Writers have to be clever about not just what attracts the mind, but also what attracts the eye.

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Helllo Carol, I think you are the keeper of all things Shamcher. I have private communications which I pan to send you. For me I need all papers and communications on OTEC. I plan to get the info to President Biden. Sincerely yours,

Rajaishvar (Raj to friends)

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Yes, I've read this far, since you ask. But it's easy in this case because when I read your stuff I hear your voice and your laughing as you say it! I do 'scan' some of the gazillions of newsletters I get and am getting better, I think, at seeing pretty quickly what will interest me and what won't. And then tossing the ones I'll never read, even if there's a tiny place in me that thinks I "should" read them. Even so, I've got piles of really interesting seeming emails that I may never read. They're stored, for now, in a file called "to read"!! Ha ha!

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In Turkey, our little covey of pilgrims visited the dargah of a Sufi saint. Near the door stands a medium size deciduous tree--maybe an apple. It was April so difficult to tell its identity. But more difficult as a consequence of being nearly leafless, almost dead. It is a wishing tree, with many prayer bundles dangling from the bare branches.

I noted that the ground beneath the wishing tree was rough-surfaced with flat paving stones, not cemented but just laid out in a virtual pavement. The stones are suffocating the tree! Devotees so intent on receiving the blessing from a deceased holy man departed 700 years ago, they are annihilating the living symbol of his transmission.

Only one branch of the entire tree had green growth, buds opening in springtime.

When the last branch of the wishing tree has gone lifeless--is there still a blessing to be received at the shrine?

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