I saw a lawn full of yellow crocuses two days ago in Ladd's Addition.

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Feb 12, 2022Liked by Carol Sill

Delightful reading my dear. I am refraining from rushing out to rake things in an imitation of “Springlike” behaviour knowing full well we are bound to get more blizzards still here in the foothills. One can only hope however.

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Thank you for Open Sorcery....i love this!

one side comment after your remark about the 'dervish cross' the other day.

"A symbol is a resting place for the mind as it climbs the steps of reality" This quote popped up

from Nargis - from her Notebook..

Yes, I see crocuses on my kitchen table but they are from IGA.....does that count? I love that saffron comes from the yellow centre part of the crocus.......the natural ones will be out one day soon on Tunnel Mountain.......at the moment it is a vertical field of snow.

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Thank you Carol.

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