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Thanks for the great posts lately. Have been having communication issues as my new (14 months) laptop died!!!!! Couldn’t believe it. I am now down to an ipad mini 2 which is like writing on a stamp. This could be a message from the universe to stop writing stuff and listen more. Ha ha.

Hugs from the mountains. Continue to have a beautiful summer. Kuan yin/c

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" A wink from the eye of the big mind, compressing and opening again at the touch of a thought. Fun simultaneity." Yes! This has been happening to me with not-so-alarming regularity - even on my phone!

Yes, I loved the Hare with Amber Eyes!

And if you're plunging the depths of Rimbaud, don't forgeot Baudelaire!!

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Just French toast?

Fair enough I guess but surely you will have at least one petite madeleine this summer in honor of Proust? I'm thinking it may have the same effect on you as him... a sensory awakening of creativity...

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This is so delicious...and that's before I got to the French toast. "The Hare with Amber Eyes" is one of my very favorite books and, as the daughter of an antique dealer, I grew up in proximity to netsukes. I didn't remember the Hare/Swann connection but I'd really like to sign on to the Proust thing. Maybe I'll make "Swann's Way" my winter reading. I'll be in rainy northern California and, I expect, it will do me good. Also...I have a tinted portrait that's frighteningly similar to yours. Almost the same dress. What does it all mean?

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