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What’s Inside

Watch for notes and essays on nature study, meditation, and personal inner reflections and observations. Plus: the life of the imagination. Also, take a sneak peek into my current magical book project, maybe some audio, video …

As our global environment intensifies, I look for a new vocabulary to decode the personal meaning of all these shifts and changes. Scanning, like a weather reporter, I’m reporting to you from the inside with tips, humour and personal food for thought. (Yes, it could get weird at times.)

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  • “ - ‘How many layers of image and form are actually in existence between my eyes and what I think I may be seeing?’ That really grabbed me. Expanded my field of vision.” SK

  • “I can't really find the words to express what I am feeling after reading your heartfelt and wise words…just know that they have touched me deeply.” BK

  • “Have always looked upon our postings as 'food for the future historians.' so, keep on trucking.” SB

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I’m Carol Sill, a writer and editor, former educator, and long-time personal media advocate. My interests include meditation and media study, art and culture. I live on rocky Salt Spring Island in BC, Canada, with the abstract artist James K-M and B, our intrepid beagle. Find me on Twitter and Facebook.

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