Riffing on Eternity

Through exploratory writing and image play, my Riffing on Eternity project combines my current big interests: AI images and Platonism. You can link to the passages here and I’m adding new parts with each issue.


  1. “See the Material World as an outpouring of the Gods”

  2. “Look to the source of this, upward.”

  3. “Philosophy is not a conceptual process.”

The notes I jotted down during the Prometheus Trust zoom classes on Platonism served as the titles of each piece and as writing prompts. Selected in no particular order, I improvised on these selected notes and called it Riffing on Eternity.

It all expanded my study, but sometimes the writing took me away from the first phrase. Not strictly Platonic. I regret that I didn’t add the original sources from the talks or readings when note-taking - not very scholarly of me.

Still, I thought it would be worth sharing, so I went back to it and based AI images on prompts from the text.