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I’m Carol Sill, and since you’re here, chances are we’ve already met in person, or through social media. I’m a writer and editor, and I help people self-publish books. My interests include meditation and media study, art and culture.

I do writing, editing, publication management and consulting. Experienced in both substantive editing and copy editing, I offer sensitive editorial services combining honed editorial skills with intuitive understanding of the author’s voice. I also manage production, layout and design for entrepreneurial book publishing, print on demand, and ebooks. Working at human scale to connect clients with their audiences, I’ve been quietly producing quality WordPress websites for individuals and small business. Even a few Shopify e-commerce sites. Details on my work are at my website, carolsill.com.

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I’m evolving a vocabulary of personal participation that can counteract faceless communications strategies and manipulated social media algorithms.

As a long-time personal media advocate, I want to encourage an awareness and appreciation for the personal and the subjective as a strategy. That’s not simply to maintain equilibrium and direction during difficult times, but to develop thoughtful understanding of our shared events. Oh, and of course to honour the imagination.

As she said to the flame: “Oh … oh I can’t endure this… wh..what does the high priestess want?”